European Water Research









To found a research and study pole on valuable national and international water resources, with particular reference to Europe; to create a structure that collects, elaborates and propagates interesting themes and contributes to business or university formative system, by didactic technologies and services, particularly in post specialization degree; to promote, to support and to coordinate study and research activities, to create, spread and coordinate national and international data on water balance and water-rock interaction phenomena.     




Water resources

Individualization of the circuits water undergrounds and definition of the basin idrogeologico; phenomena of interaction water-rock and mineralization of the waters; methodologies of innovative analysis to improve the techniques of control of the quality of the waters.


Research and development of innovative materials and technologies ecocompatibili for the packing and the imbottigliamento of the mineral waters.

Technological innovation
Planning of monitoring and control of the nets water; Analysis and plans for the reduction and the control of the water wastes.

Individualization of systems of overseeing for monitorare, to measure and to check the quality of the water.