European Water Research











CERAM’s focus is to develop authentic partnerships that aspire to realize projects capable of producing concrete advantages within the field of the optimization and correct exploitation of water resources.




Together with Administrations and Institutions
CERAM’s staff works in close contact with local and national administrations, public administrations, Director Generals, international standardization committees, and non-governmental organizations in order to plan and develop hydro-mineral activities in line with a rational use of water resources.
From its founding, CERAM has contributed to the debate and study of anthropic interests in valuable water resources.

Together with Research Groups and Universities
In the research and university community, CERAM has assumed the role of chairman of the sector of mineral and thermal water resources, in the working group for European Quality Certifications for Water Resource Use.

Together with Firms and Industries
The close collaboration between CERAM and the Research and Development programs of firms and industries has produced innumerable examples of the improvement and strengthening of products, company proposals and bids, and the correct dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Research Activities and Partnerships with Public and Private Research Organizations
Cooperation and partnership with public and private research organizations lead to the development of important synergies in environmental and eco-sostainability fields.